You can then follow the wizard on the screen to complete the process. Once you find the reason, you can filter the solution from this list and try it. Finally, if you cannot decode the error, you can search on the web for it.

  • If the Registry error still persists, try this following solution.
  • In the PowerShell command line, type Repair-Volume C –Scan where C is the volume or drive letter.
  • A corrupt registry can be a real headache sometimes therefore it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Altogether, we find five effective disk error checking methods for different demands.

However, the system boot sector code cannot unpack files on its own. On newer operating systems, the boot sector code is for loading the BOOTMGR file. I do have a friend that is great with computers. I have an external hard drive that I keep all my important photos, documents on, so we just put windows 8 back on the laptop from scratch and it worked.


All users on a given computer who log on the system use this information. However, the restrictions on newer CPU microarchitectures remain in force. OEM sales of PCs with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed ended on October 31, 2016. The sale of non-Professional OEM licenses was stopped on October 31, 2014. Support for Windows Vista ended on April 11, 2017, requiring users to upgrade in order to continue receiving updates and support. You can also check the update history by clicking on the ‘View update history.’ Pausing the update is also a good solution to pause the windows update temporarily.

Step 2.In the Check File System window, keep the “Try to fix errors if found” option selected and click “Start”. Nishat Paiker is an expert technical writer and editor with over 8 years of experience. She has deep knowledge about data recovery and loves to explore new technology and DIY tools. You will often find her giving photography tips and hacks. In the ‘Microsoft.Windows.Photos’ folder, you will see multiple entries with dates in the name of the folders. The number of folders depends upon the number of Photos app uninstalls you have done.

Boot via Using Installation Media

Find a folder for an unused program or invalid registry keys. The only registry files that can be removed safely from the registry are those that belong to programs that have already been uninstalled or are no longer used. A corrupt Windows registry can be fixed by removing faulty keys manually through the Registry Editor. Cleaning the registry is especially beneficial after uninstalling programs. Sometimes, uninstalled programs can leave remnants of software inside the registry and hard drive, which could interfere with the OS and other applications. The tool can even fix the corrupt Registry issues, defrag your Windows 7 registry when it is highly fragmented and helps to backup your registry.

The last option is to use a third-party application to check for driver updates and download them. There are several applications to carry out this duty. This is the easiest method to get an update of the device driver software. When the OS is not able to write data to a file or when parts of the file become inaccessible, data corruption develops on the hard disc.