Founded in 1995, Data World is one of the leading BEE ICT corporations in South Africa. They have a proved track record of Promptly Delivery of complex, large scale projects.

Their particular solutions span the full collection of enterprise data management, including data stewardship, data governance, stats, and data search and discovery. Additionally, they deliver strong observations through a data analytics program. Alation provides enterprises in a number of industries. They use a combination of equipment learning and human information to help clients make data-driven decisions.

Their particular cloud-native info catalog can unite silos and wake up the invisible data workforce. They also make a unified body of knowledge to aid clients resolve problems quicker. They provide clients with an automatic process to seek out, blend, and inventory info. They make use of semantics, graph models, and consumer behavior to create data the use possible for all users.

They also present info governance and quality operations. Their info catalog can assist ensure right stakeholder property, which is necessary for a growing data way of life. They also concentrate on transparency and inclusion. They work iteratively to avoid “boiling the ocean” and make sure everyone is included.

Their cloud-native data directory provides a smooth way to handle your entire info ecosystem, by data resources to applications. They are the fastest-growing innovator in the multi-cloud data protection as a provider industry. They are a reliable partner for organizations around the world. They have been called a Top 20 Big Data Company by simply Forrester.