Online board meetings allow board members to share their insights without the need to travel. These meetings are easy to attend and provide a an excellent experience for those that take part. These virtual meetings are just as effective as face-toface meetings, thanks to tools such as video conferencing, presentations and chats. They also permit the sharing of documents in a safe way and for preparing minutes of board meetings.

As with any meeting there are challenges and difficulties. The primary challenge is to ensure that everyone is allowed to participate and discuss their ideas. This can be achieved by choosing a time to organize the meeting that is suitable for everyone, not just those who live in different areas of the world. If this isn’t possible, consider shorter meetings and inviting those who are unable to attend in other ways.

It is also crucial to establish clear goals for the meeting in advance. This allows the board members to know their responsibilities, and allows them to focus on the meeting agenda. It is important to send the relevant information prior the meeting to all attendees to enable them to read it and prepare any questions, votes or other decisions. This can be done by sending the agenda in the format of a document and then attaching it to the meeting invite.