A successful board meeting is dependent on a variety of factors. Those include an informed and efficient team. However, arranging and conducting board meetings can be a complicated task that consumes many hours. Tasks such as chasing dates for board meetings or distributing materials for the board can be time-consuming especially for directors who work remotely.

There are fortunately digital tools available to simplify these difficult tasks. And many of them are free. Board management software has become a crucial tool for coordinating and conducting efficient board meetings. These tools simplify the process of preparing and taking part in board meetings by streamlining collaboration, recording and distributing material for board meetings.

While the majority of these digital tools are focused on collaborative whiteboards, a few of them have more advanced features. For example, Mural and Miro are popular online whiteboards that are suitable for small-group meetings as well as larger-scale meetings and workshops. Both come with a range of workshop and meeting templates for planning, design and ideation.

Stormboard is a collaborative whiteboard which offers a more specialized solution for brainstorming and planning. Users can drag and drop index cards as well as notes and images with links, text, video or images into various sections of the Stormboard canvas by using a sticky note interface. Stormboard is also integrated with other apps and offers a variety of features like voting, text chat, and assignments. It is available on both Apple and Android devices.